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Up to the minute news we use. We can't live without our online subscription, and suggest that in today's dynamic marketing invironment, neither can you. We also require our students to subscribe when taking our courses. And if you already get the paper, make sure you upgrade to online service too.


Ann Holland and her team do a super job of providing weekly rundown of cutting edge cases and best practices, which is essential as online capabilities really take hold and transform how we communicate with prospects and customers. Subscribe to their newsletter now, if you don't already.


A great weekly newsletter focused on loyalty programs especially related to financial services, travel, airlines and hotels. Lot's of short easy to read cases and best pratices along with trends and other data that are very useful. cmoA whole compendium of resources focused on marketing executives. The online newsletters keep us up to date as well as inform us as the latest issues facing marekting executives today.

More marekting info and resources for marketers, with a more academic slant.

Print Journals and Papers

Wall Street Journal
See above.

Business Week

Another tried and true... and essential resource. We find all sorts of useful marketing information, best and worst cases, etc. which is constantly updated in their online version which is a must have in your aresenal as well.

Business 2.0

A great easy read, focusing on new products, new companies, new markets, and latest and greatest...

Fast Company

Another publication that fosters new ways of thinking and doing business that definately impacts and overlaps with marketing.

Harvard Business Review
Always compelling... a cornucopia of cutting edge thinking by leading thinkers, academics and practitioners along with a wide vareity of business cases that often intersect with marketing issues in business


These books have inspired and empowered us to learn, grow and expand in the quest to ever better served our employers or clients.

There are literally thousands of titles out there. What are your favorites? Let us know and we will add the best to our list.

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

Geoffrey Moore's classic is considered the "bible" of high tech marketing and introduced the technology adoption lifecycle and chasm conundrum facing businesses in emerging markets... we have yet to find a product, service or industry whether B2B or B2C where the principles addressed do not apply and use Chasm as the lead textbook in our Principles of Marketing course at Emerson College.

Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

A cautionary tale that constantly reminds us that all of us, even market leading companies must always be open to and prepared to deal with innovation that may be, although seeminly innocuous today, tomorrow's overwhelming competitor.

Marketing as Strategy by Mirmalya Kumar
Kumar makes the case for alignemnt of marketing with business objectives that are of concern in the executive suite, if we are to recapture our place in the executive suite and fulfill our potential as partners with innovation for true growth and competitive advantage.