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Marketing 2.0 Win has a variety of consulting packages designed to help companies like yours harness the power of integrated marketing vision to develop high impact strategies and/or enhance the performance of their existing programs.

Marketing 2.0 Win packages can be tailored to meet your individual needs and custom consulting packages are also available. Engagements can be conduced on and/or offsite. Contact us now for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis and quote.

Consulting Packages

Marketing 2.0 Win
The Marketing "Maximizer"
The Integrated Marketing "Troubleshooter"
Marketing Vision
Positioning to Win

“Marketing 2.0 Win”

Working with companies to harness the power of integrated marketing to develop a winning multi-channel strategy, usually at the beginning or early on in the development process.

We help you:

  • Build program from end-to-end, or in between as needed
  • Provide overall direction and/or consultation working within your organizational structure, and/or
  • Provide tactical support, as needed

Marketing 2.0 Win engagements vary in length and typically run from one to two weeks to monthly.

The Marketing “Maximizer”

Similar to above but we come on board mid-strategy to find ways to “pump up” the program within budget parameters and to help ensure business objectives are met and surpassed.

Marketing 2.0 Win works with you to:

  • Assess the program
  • Develop and implement, if needed, supportive “enhancements” designed to create synergy needed for maximized success

“Maximizer” engagements usually run for up to two weeks.

The Integrated Marketing “Troubleshooter”

In the quest to deliver maximum ROI or achieve significant business objectives, marketers are being faced with new sets of challenges and areas of potential responsibility that must be addressed if the goal is to be achieved.

The Troubleshooter package helps you:

  • Identify costly and damaging holes in the Integrated Marketing Chain
  • Develop viable direct or indirect solutions

“Troubleshooter” projects usually run for one to two weeks.

Marketing Vision

Are your marketing programs delivering the results you need? Does your organization see the impact of marketing on your bottom and top lines? Is marketing a “necessary evil” and cost expense, or is it perceived as an asset for growth and revenue generation?

Marketing Vision engagements is designed to help you:

  • Deliver predictable results in dynamic business environments.
  • Empowers the organization to build programs in-house or out source with much higher predictability and certainty

“Vision” engagements usually can run from two to six weeks and can be priced on a project basis.

Positioning To Win

Positioning is the unsung hero in marketing programs. Consumers/prospects allocate a few seconds worth of mind share to your company or product. If the right message gets traction, the chance for a successful outcome increases many times over... the reverse is true, of course, for the wrong position.

Positioning your company and products in your the customer/prospects’ mind is your responsibility... we can help.

Positioning To Win empowers you to:

  • Find key differentiators and leverage competition to increase GAP to your advantage
  • Create a solid foundation for integrated outbound communications
  • Optimize an “easy to buy” sales environment

“Positioning” engagements usually run from to three to five days and can be coordinated offsite.


Consulting Fees

General Fees

  • Daily consulting rate for principal is $3,500 per day.
  • Longer term engagements can be quoted on a weekly, monthly, project or term basis.
  • Special onsite “ Test Drive” one-day package is $2,500 plus travel and expenses with no further obligation.
  • Contact us for a quote specifically addressing your needs today.

Marketing 2.0 Win Workshop

The Marketing 2.0 Win Workshop empowers attendees with a variety of tools and frameworks they can apply immediately to:

  • Begin the process of creating and applying marketing vision and developing a holistic, high-impact point-of-view, and
  • Develop integrated marketing strategies and practical programs that lead to predictable and superior outcomes.
    This interactive workshop, which has been adapted for a business audience from a college-level course, walks attendees through the Integrated Marketing process and draws upon a variety of real-world cases to demonstrate the concepts in action along with individual and team hands-on exercises.

Training/seminars can be tailored to meet the specific needs or issues facing the individual client or hosting organization and can be presented in day, multi-day, half-day and multi-hourly formats.

Workshop Fees

Contact us to create a Marketing 2.0 Win program just for your business or organization. Special rates for non-profit and educational organizations apply.