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Welcome Statement

Businesses today more than ever need an effective marketing function that delivers results. Executives need a customer-focused marketing function that is an effective partner, an ally with the ability to re-write the rules, transcend boundaries, solve today’s complex challenges and meet significant business objectives. Businesses today need more than marketing... Businesses today need Marketing 2.0 Win.

Marketing 2.0 Win is a more than just a set of frameworks and processes. Marketing 2.0 Win is all about empowering marketing practitioners and students and business executives with a suite of tools all designed to bring the function of marketing back into balance with innovation as primary drivers of business.

Welcome to Marketing 2.0 Win.

Randy's Bio

A marketing consultant with over 20 years experience, Randy Harrison has delivered results for clients and employers in a wide variety of industries from entertainment to educational publishing, software and IT/e-Business Services. Harrison's expertise in integrated marketing strategy and execution has helped clients including Prentice Hall, Computer Sciences Corporation, Universal Mind/Macromedia, and Kessler Financial Services achieve superlative results.

Harrison is a member of the Adjunct Faculty in the Marketing Department at Emerson College as well as the School of Management at Northeastern University. "Marketing 2.0 Win" is drawn from his hands-on experience in many facets of the marketing practice and empowers clients with core marketing skills essential for success in today's business environment.

What is Marketing 2.0 Win?

A number of factors came in to play to create Marketing 2.0 Win... the most pressing question was what could we do to address the “apparent” disconnect between what the late Peter Druker proclaimed was marketing and innovation as the two key drivers of business growth and value.

And then came the results of two surveys published by BtoB Magazine this past Fall undertaken by the CMO Council. One was with Chief Marketing Officers and the other Chief Executive Officers of large companies like IBM, Intel and Xerox.

The results was like a nuclear bomb going off... the apparent disconnect is quite real... much more real than anticipated... with profound ramifications that affect all of us... marketers, business executives and small business owners and students.

Here are some key findings...

  • 10% of the marketing officers that responded said that their marketing groups are and I quote “highly influential and strategic.”
  • Less than half of the respondents said that their teams were “well regarded and respected.”
  • And in a separate survey, two thirds of CEOs polled said their marketing groups are “mission critical” for creating top line growth.

Two things come to mind... first off, it is clear that marketing is undergoing an identity crisis of major proportions. One clue to date had been the focus in business and marketing publications on ROI over the past year or so. ROI has been discussed in reverential terms almost as an epiphany in the world of marketing. However in the world of Marketing 2.0 Win, ROI is standard operating procedure... nothing new. If this is news in our industry, and it sure seems to be, then the need for a forum where marketers can come together, share ideas and best practices and offer professional development focused on the big picture and delivering results is essential and what Marketing 2.0 Win is all about.

And secondly, we don’t believe our clients and employers can afford anything less than a strategic and effective marketing organization that is totally aligned with innovation and strategic business objectives.

So enter Marketing 2.0 Win... a place to get recharged and empowered to see and seize opportunities and deliver the goods so that we can:

  • once again earn the respect and support we need in the executive suites of the corporation to make it happen in the marketplace
  • reassure the small business owner that his marketing investments will be put to best use to deliver maximum return for the lowest cost
  • empower business leaders with the right information so that they can set realistic and strategic expectations from their marketing organizations AND realign the marketing function as an active partner to business success
  • educate newbies to marketing and old hands alike to results-oriented can-do approach to our craft, so that along the way we model to peers, employers, clients and superiors a vigorous and effective marketing function and the results that come from same.


  • If you are seasoned marketing professional, remember our employers and clients need a healthy and vigorous marketing organization that is ready willing and able to tackle big stuff in dynamic business conditions... they need us!
  • And if you are a business exec operating with a marketing function that is not an equal partner in the executive suite... for whatever reason, you are swimming with one hand tied behind your back... you need us!
  • And if you are a small business owner and not using marketing to work smart as you develop leads and sales and build your business... you need us!
  • Lastly, if you are a student... the days of winning a job just because... are gone, and if you don’t have from your training to date the vision you need to see and seize the opportunities facing your future employers or clients... you need us too!

Welcome to Marketing 2.0 Win... your resource for business success.