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Welcome to Marketing 2.0 Win

Businesses today more than ever need an effective marketing function that delivers results. Executives need a customer-focused marketing function that is an effective partner, an ally with the ability to re-write the rules, transcend boundaries, solve today’s complex challenges and meet significant business objectives. Businesses today need more than marketing... Businesses today need Marketing 2.0 Win.

Marketing 2.0 Win is a more than just a set of frameworks and processes. Marketing 2.0 Win is all about empowering marketing practitioners and students and business executives with a suite of tools all designed to bring the function of marketing back into balance with innovation as primary drivers of business.

Welcome to Marketing 2.0 Win.

Marketing 2.0 Win:
5 Laws of Marketing for the 21st Century

Law #1: Surrender = Victory
Law #2: Failure = Success

Law #3: 1 + 1 = Infinity
Law #4: Process = Chaos
Law #5: Time = Obstacle



Marketing is a dynamic “living laboratory” with an endless stream of news, cases and best & “worst” practices. Marketing 2.0 Win will offer a fresh, unique analysis and point-of-view on the latest news and trends that affect us all, as well as offer us insight into the core principles of Marketing 2.0 Win at work.

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